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Il giorno mar 5 apr 2022 alle ore 18:19 bb <adamnt42 at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> ...
> OK might be out of date, but the original intent of wayland was to
> remedy security holes in X...
> LWN 2013
> "Timothée divided up the discussion of security somewhat differently in
> this part of the presentation, beginning by talking about the security
> of input in Wayland/Weston. On this front, the new system is in good
> shape. Because Weston knows where applications are on the screen, it is
> able to decide which application should receive input events (this
> differs from the X server). This defeats key logging applications.
> Regarding integrity of input, the kernel limits access to the two main
> sources (/dev/input and /dev/uinput) to the root user only. Because
> Wayland/Weston does not (yet) support virtual keyboards it is not (yet)
> possible to forge input. (The topic of virtual keyboards was revisited
> later in the talk.) "
> https://lwn.net/Articles/517375/
I am admired that everyone who responded to Shane understood what he is
trying to do.
Unfortunately, I didn't understand, but I tried to create something as a
basis for discussion.
If Shane can get me to understand as well, maybe this discussion can
If Shane doesn't need to open links on the desktop then I've just wasted my

If a user puts a launcher to a program on their desktop for what reason
should only root open it?

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