[Gambas-user] Fallback to 3.13 fail, ok since 3.14.2 coming, foolproof update-undo-thing

Christof Thalhofer chrisml at deganius.de
Tue Nov 19 22:49:21 CET 2019

Am 19.11.19 um 20:25 schrieb ub2 at gmx.ch:

> None of the following commands worked neither:
> sudo apt-get install gambas3=3.8.4-2ubuntu3.1
> => E: Version "3.8.4-2ubuntu3.1" f "gambas3" konnte nicht gefunden...
> 	(Version not found)

Why would you want to install Gambas 3.8 and not 3.13 or 3.12? That's
way too old ... the current Ubuntu hat 3.12 in it's packages.

> And a general fallback feature would need to be foolproof anyway. Means
> not bash-commands with a high typo risk, but rather a kind of
> "last-update-undo-Button/Menue" somewhere in the Gambas-IDE.

Installation of itself or any program on your Linux computer is not
Gambas' job. It's the task of your operating system. There are lots of
distributions which do that task in their own way, for instance Suse,
Redhat, Debian, Arch and so on.

You use Ubuntu which is a Debian child, so the program-suite which does
that task is *Apt*.

There are some programs in Ubuntu which give you knobs and buttons to
click on for that. First of all is the Ubuntu Software Center.


But they all use and play with Apt:


As you decided to install a more recent version of Gambas via Launchpad
you have overridden the standard way of your distribution. More recent
versions bring always the risk of newer bugs with them.

Maybe you should revert that first.

Alles Gute

Christof Thalhofer

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