[Gambas-user] Software Farm Categories and Tags

Cedron Dawg cedron at exede.net
Fri May 10 18:23:45 CEST 2019

Okay, so I was a little confused.  The tags are the categories and projects can be in more than one category, right?

What a recipe for a mess.

I believe a finer level of categorization is needed, so I am introducing "subtags" to my database.

--=|The Database Diagram.|=--

--                       pd_vendors     pd_roots
--                               1       1
--                               |       |            
--                               M       M
--   pd_tags                    pd_projects
--    1   1                      1  1    1
--    |   +----------+           |  |    |
--    M              M           M  |    M
--   pd_subtags     pd_project_tags |   pd_files
--           1                      |    1
--           +-------+              |    |
--                   M              M    M
--                  pd_project_subtags   pd_lines

The tags and subtags for a project will be defined in the Project description field like this:




Or on one line:

#tagname1  ##subtag1A  ##subtag1B  #tagname2

Any non-name characters will serve as delimiters.  Subtags will be assigned to the last tag it followed.  Tagging and subtagging are optional.


I have a program which will read a database diagram like the one above and it will generate a SQL script to fill a blank database with all the tables, fields, and indexes required to implement the relationships and a few other default fields.  It is quite easy then to edit the script to add the data fields to the table, run the script, and have the database ready for use.

Here are my tags/subtags in its description field.


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