[Gambas-user] Software Farm Categories and Tags

Cedron Dawg cedron at exede.net
Thu May 9 23:45:41 CEST 2019

Hello all,

So, I am working on an automatically generated metadata repository for Gambas programs.  Things are progressing fairly well.

I have the Wiki portion of the database established and populated.  I will likely rename it the "info" region since the source of the data is in the "info" files from /usr/share/Gambas3/info.

Now, I am starting on the other side, the project definitions region.  My original plan was to merely scan the Gambas Software Farm, but since I've realized that the same code will also work on my Gambas source trees (yes, plural), and anybody else's as well.

For each project, I want to know a category and a list of reference tags.  This models the Gambas Software Farm.

So, I went looking for documentation.  This wiki page was found, but it is incomplete and does not appear to be linked in from the current pages:

"Gambas Farm Server Protocol"

Not having an luck in my searches, I posted this request on Gambas.One:

"Where is the Software Farm documentation?"

Thanks to Matthew-Collins, I got valuable information on how to download stuff from the Farm.

I still have questions though:

1) Where is the official list of Categories ("Accessories", "Audio", etc.) kept?  

2) How and when is it updated? 

3) How do you assign a category to a project? (I have not been through the publishing process yet.)

4) How can I get a list of the currently used tags?

What I would like to see is a convention for encoding the category and tags in the Project Description.  Better yet, would be for the project info expanded to include these as fields.


5) Am I reinventing a wheel that already exists?



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