[Gambas-user] Simplest way to open a URL in a browser

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 18 13:48:50 CEST 2019


My machine has this component, hers' does too.

Weird that the executable actually ran though? Everything apart from 
clicking on the URLlabels works?

... (thinking) ...

BIG OOPS! My machine has a local version of gb.desktop.
Installed the local version. Rebuilt it and now all works.

Maybe I'd better have a look at what I actually changed in the desktop 
Maybe not.
Maybe, later. ( I hate diffs )
Such is life.

On 18/8/19 8:40 pm, Charlie Ogier wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> The trick is you need *gb.desktop* component and then it will work.
> Charlie
> On 18/08/2019 11:30, Bruce wrote:
>> (Probably anonther dumb one)
>> Let's say I have a URL displayed in a URLLabel control. What is the 
>> simplest way to implement open that URL in the user's preferred web 
>> browser? Say with a single click.
>> Only a few requirements:
>> * desktop independent (I don't know whether they have a "default 
>> browser" or whatever
>> * open the browser in a new window (independent of the desktop)
>> * independent of the GUI involved in the current gambas project (???)
>> * get a fairly clear indication of anything that (may or does) go wrong.
>> Not too hard is it? So how come I can't do it? ;-( (Age may be a factor).
>> tia
>> bruce
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