[Gambas-user] Simplest way to open a URL in a browser

Charlie Ogier charlie at cogier.com
Sun Aug 18 13:10:02 CEST 2019

Hi Bruce,

The trick is you need *gb.desktop* component and then it will work.


On 18/08/2019 11:30, Bruce wrote:
> (Probably anonther dumb one)
> Let's say I have a URL displayed in a URLLabel control. What is the 
> simplest way to implement open that URL in the user's preferred web 
> browser? Say with a single click.
> Only a few requirements:
> * desktop independent (I don't know whether they have a "default 
> browser" or whatever
> * open the browser in a new window (independent of the desktop)
> * independent of the GUI involved in the current gambas project (???)
> * get a fairly clear indication of anything that (may or does) go wrong.
> Not too hard is it? So how come I can't do it? ;-( (Age may be a factor).
> tia
> bruce
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