[Gambas-user] Can create but not edit time-type fields

Benoit Minisini gambas at ...1...
Sat Aug 30 14:33:02 CEST 2008

On vendredi 29 août 2008, Nx GT-R BOY wrote:
> Can create but not edit time-type fields
> Hi, I have a problem with Gambas, I can create new records for a time-type
> field, but once created I cant edit them, all others field-types works
> perfect.
> The exact problem: "The old value replace the tried new value at save time"
> The database structure for the table is:
> CREATE TABLE pendientes (
> usuarios_nombre VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
> fecharegistro DATE NULL,
> fechapendiente DATE NULL,
> horapendiente TIME NULL,
> lugar VARCHAR(45) NULL,
> actividad VARCHAR(45) NULL,
> atiende VARCHAR(20) NULL,
> costo FLOAT NULL,
> fecharecordar DATE NULL,
> horapendiente_2 TIME NULL,
> alertacelular BOOL NULL,
> numerocelular VARCHAR(20) NULL,
> PRIMARY KEY(folio),
> INDEX pendientes_FKIndex1(usuarios_nombre)
> );
> The problem is with the TIME fields, is a known problem or something? Any
> workaround?
> Thanks in advance, Nx GTR
> http://systemarpi.googlepages.com/arpi.tar.gz

Do you use MySQL or something other?

Is your problem the contents of an error message?

Apparently you didn't create your database with the database manager, did you?

If you replace your DATE and TIME fields by DATETIME fields, does it work?

Benoit Minisini

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