[Gambas-user] Grideditor

Steven Lobbezoo steven at ...1652...
Fri Aug 29 12:57:23 CEST 2008


I want to add a row to the gridedito from code, so i do this :

PUBLIC SUB Button5_Click()
' on ajoute la selection du listbox
' met les données dans le grid
  gridd.putData(gridd.Table.Row, 2, "Tout-Bien")  
  gridd.putData(gridd.Table.Row, 4, "Request")  
  gridd.putData(gridd.Table.Row, 3, Format(Now, "dd/mm/yyyy"))  
  gridd.putData(gridd.Table.Row, 5, ListBox1.Text) 

The data is visible and correct in the gridview. A little + is
written in the fist column, so all is ok.
Then a use the save button to save the row.
Now a row is saved, but with no data in it.

Any ideas ?


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