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Sat Jul 20 12:27:29 CEST 2002

Le Vendredi 19 Juillet 2002 12:37, NN a écrit :
> Hello Gambas-Users
> Seems there is a bug in MouseMove-Event.
> This event is only triggered or fired when
> a button is down, but this is the MouseDown-Event.
> It should be always triggered when mouse moves on
> the object. I tested with DrawingArea and EditArea
> version 0.34a.

It is not really a bug, it is because by default QT does not track mouse 
unless a button is pressed. Why ? Because tracking mouse is very network 
expensive under X-Window !

I have two solutions :
- Track the mouse only in the Drawing Area widget (the more useful).
- Make a "TrackMouseMove" property.

The second solution is not necessarily the better, because of the other 
graphic toolkit.

> Also would be nice to have a "SaveProject as ..."
> and "Add from File" Option in the IDE.

Yes ! :-)

> Maybe this is easy to do:
> If I select a widget or control on a form it
> would be comfortable to get the properties-window
> on top by selecting "properties" on the Right-Mouse-
> PullUp-Menu.

I will do it : that is easy to do.

> The Grid and the Grid setting not working yet ?

What's the problem ? It works ?!

> regards
> Juergen


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