[Gambas-user] The ColumnView widget

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Tue Dec 3 11:27:17 CET 2002

Fabien Bodard wanted to know how to use the ColumnView widget.

The COlumnView widget is in fact a QListView widget, like the TreeView or the 
ListView widgets.

So the methods and properties to manage items are exactly the same as its two 

The ColumnView items have an array accessor, to insert text in columns :

ColumnView.Item[ColumnIndex] = "Text"

TO manage columns, there is the Colmuns property :

ColumnView.Columns.Count : number of columns
------------------.Sort : sorting columns index
------------------.Ascending : sorting order

ColumnView.Columns[COlumnIndex].Text  : column title
-------------------------------.Align : column alignment
-------------------------------.Width : column width
-------------------------------.AutoResize : if column should auto-resize


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