[Gambas-user] O-40pre1 version

Charlie karl.reinl at ...9...
Tue Dec 3 21:50:02 CET 2002

Benoît Minisini schrieb:

>Do not forget to install KDE development packages, or 0-40pre1 will not 
>compile without ./configure saying anything.
>If ./configure does not succeed in finding KDE includes (read ./configure 
>output to know that), tell me what distribution you are using, and where the 
>KDE includes are located.
>Thanks in advance,
Salut Benoit,

if I see right, the 0.40 needs KDE 3.x ,
or do you have a way to do it on KDE 2.2.2

Even : you have followed our excange about 'File -> Add'
   what do you think about?

And in this way:

The way 'Open an existing ...' , where you open a folder, and you can't 
see the .project (hidden) file is not a good.

Isn't it possible to show, in Folders where Gambas Projects stored, a 
signe, a file or something else, to recognise
that it is a Gambas-Project-Folder.


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