[Gambas-user] 0-40 pre-release (2)

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Sun Dec 1 19:41:20 CET 2002

Other notes on the 0-40pre1:

1) There is a new widget, IconView, and a new example that shows it.

2) The interfaces of TreeView, ListView, and COlumnView has changed.

There is an internal cursor that points the item to look at. The property 
"Item" returns a virtual object that represents this item. This is different 
of the "Current" property that returns the item having the focus.

To enumerates items, you must use the following methods and properties. These 
methods change the "Item" property.

.MoveTo(Key as String) moves to an item knowing its key.
.MoveFirst() moves to the first item of the widget.
.MoveNext() moves to the next item.
.MoveChild() moves to the first child of the current item.
.MoveParent() moves to the parent item.
.MoveAbove() moves to the next visible item on the screen.
.MoveBelow() moves to the previous visible item on the screen. 
All these methods return TRUE if they try to move to an item that does not 

There is a property named .Available that returns TRUE if the Item property is 

3) The main goal of the KDE component is the following: provided access to the 
DCOP interface, so that Gambas will be able to script any KDE application 
(like KWord, KSpread, etc.). What do you think about that ?

4) Styles seems to work now, without any crash. Maybe it is qt-3.0.5 ? Could 
qt-3.0.3 users tell me if gambas crashes when they play with KDE styles ?

Benoît Minisini
mailto:gambas at ...1...

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