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Mon Dec 2 00:07:49 CET 2002

Hi Charlie,

you're right, we must copy the files into the project's directory. 
 That's because the way the project are managed in GAMBAS.

We could suggest to Benoït to change this case in order to enable 
several projects to share the same files.  So, the changes on the code 
into a file will therefore be shared with the all projects using this file.

Nevertheless, you'll find hereafter the changes I made to my IDE:

1. In the module FMain.class, I added a menu : &File -> &Add -> 
&Existing File, mnuAddExistingFile, img/16/open-file.png
2. In the module FMain.class, I added the code:
PUBLIC SUB mnuAddExistingFile_Click()
  DIM sFile AS String
  sfile = project.getexistingfile()

3. In the module Project, I added the code:
PUBLIC FUNCTION GetExistingFile() AS String

  Dialog.Title = "Select a Gambas file"
  Dialog.Filter = ""
  IF Dialog.Openfile() THEN RETURN

  RETURN Dialog.Path


PUBLIC FUNCTION LoadExistingFile( sFile AS String) AS Boolean
 DIM sProjectPath AS String
 DIM sClassName AS String
 DIM sFileName AS String

  sProjectPath = FGetBaseName(Path)
  sFileName  = FGetName(sFile)
 IF  FGetExt(sFile) = ".form" THEN
    '  We must test the existance of sFile.class before ...
    sClassName = Replace$(sFile, ".form", ".class" )
    EXEC "cp " & sClassName & " " &  sProjectPath &  Replace$(sFileName, 
".form", ".class" ) WAIT
 EXEC "cp " & sfile & " " &  sProjectPath &  Fgetname (sfile) WAIT

PUBLIC FUNCTION FGetName(sFile AS String) AS String
  DIM iPos AS Integer
  ipos = RInstr(sfile,"/")
  IF ipos THEN
    RETURN Mid$(sfile, ipos + 1)
    RETURN sfile

PUBLIC FUNCTION FGetExt(sFileName AS String) AS String
  DIM iPos AS Integer
  DIM sExt  AS String
  sExt = sFileName
  iPos = RInstr(sExt,"/")
  IF iPos THEN  sExt =  Mid$(sExt, ipos + 1)
  iPos = RInstr(sExt, ".")
  IF  iPos THEN RETURN Mid$(sExt, iPos )


PUBLIC FUNCTION FGetBaseName(sFileName AS String) AS String
  DIM iPos AS Integer
  DIM sBaseName  AS String
  iPos = RInstr(sFileName,"/")
  IF  iPos THEN RETURN Left$(sFileName, iPos )

This is not perfect, we must add some check deci-delà, but it does the job.

Hoping this is usefull,


Charlie a écrit:

> Jean-Marc Varvenne schrieb:
>> I already made some implementations of whatever I talked before like :
>>> + Pouvoir ajouter un fichier déjà existant au projet en cours:
>>> File -> Add
> Salut Jean-Marc,
> how does it work your File -> Add, is the file copied to the 
> project-directory or
> rest it on his origin place and a link in the project-directory points 
> to the file.
> Why ?
> I tried this way, but if I had changes to save on this file , the file 
> is saved as it in the the project-directory.
> Why I don't like that?
> Some sub's , function'S etc. are usefull in other programms, but they 
> are never perfect.
> So after makeing them better you have to do copy work.
> Charlie

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