[Gambas-devel] Compiling Gambas on a nearly bare metal linux machine

Tobias Boege taboege at ...176...
Wed Mar 4 11:22:29 CET 2015

On Wed, 04 Mar 2015, Ernst van Spronsen wrote:
> Hi,
> Don't know whats the best place to post this. Because there is not an installing Gambas mailgroup.

This is gambas-devel where people meet who develop Gambas, not to be
confused with people who (want to) develop *in* or *using* Gambas. There
is the gambas-user mailing list which would be better suited for your
problem (installation question belong there, too). I'll CC the gambas-user
list for this, just so that this thread is also partially in their archives.

> I have the following issue:
> We like to make a Gui interface for our machines. For that we like to use Gambas a touchscreen and a small mainboard(advantech RSB-4410).
> On the mainboard runs a nearly bare metal linux distribution. So to get Gambas running is a challenge.  I am very, very afraid to get in a big dependence hell.  So i'm about to abandoned this pad.
>  But before I do that  I like to hear your sugestions.

Gambas has its "components" which are laid out modularly. If you want a GUI,
you need to have gb.gtk, gb.gtk3 or gb.qt4 for one of the supported toolkits
(don't know about touchscreen support in them, though). This will require
you to install those toolkits and the corresponding components. The toolkits
can be rather huge but if you want a GUI, that's the pill you have to

The interpreter per se doesn't have many dependencies. To run your project
you will only need to install the things you use in your project.

However, if you want to develop your project in the IDE (and I recommend
that, after having worked over a year without the IDE), you need to...
install the IDE which brings a whole lot of dependencies. The good news is
that you can use a normal desktop system for your development (with the IDE)
and put the project on your special machines to test. On there, only the
minimal stuff to compile and run the project has to be installed.

For an overview of dependencies, look here[0].


[0] http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/install

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