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Fri Aug 22 21:05:44 CEST 2014

Le 22/08/2014 20:57, Randall Morgan a écrit :
> We'll we're trying but getting article content has been a challenge and
> Tobias and I can't write everything. So if you guys can help out or know
> someone who would like to that would be great! Even just writing about
> the projects you are working on would be a great help. Perhaps doing a
> postmortem on you latest project, or a short article on some technique
> you used to solve a problem, or write something that is of interest to
> you and I can collect articles for future issues.
> I only speak English (and enough Spanish to get me into a good bar
> fight) so perhaps those of you on Non English speaking forums can help
> spread the message that I need writers, articles, and article and cover
> art. I can use Google translate  to translate articles in other
> languages or try and find a volunteer to translate.
> I am not looking for perfect writers. Just willing writers! So if you
> know someone who would like to write but feels they are not a good
> writer, let them I can edit. It is much easier to edit an existing
> article than to have to write a full article from scratch. So no matter
> your ability, I am willing to consider any and all articles submitted.
> Thanks, Guys!

Maybe I could help ? My idea is writing small articles (I don't have a 
lot of time, and I better use it fixing and enhancing Gambas) who would 
be an answer to a Gambas-related question.

If some people have general/technical questions about Gambas, please 
post them, it will give ideas for articles!


- Why using BASIC?
- Why is there no threads?
- Why using both QT and GTK+, and not just QT?
- Why strings cannot be used like objects, as in javascript?


Benoît Minisini

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