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Charlie karl.reinl at ...16...
Tue May 6 22:12:38 CEST 2003

Dan Phillips (by way of Dan Phillips) schrieb:

>Is there a way to turn on auto syntax completion?  Is this a non-implemented
>feature at this point?  I'll tell you, it sure is nice in VB.
>Ie.  frmMain.   "shows all objects, properties, and methods associated w/
>frmMain at the time of hitting the dot at the end.
>frmMain.txtField1.     "shows all properties and methods of the object
>txtField1 on form frmMain at the time of hitting the dot.  Very nice feature
>and invaluable to fast code writing to not make a typo while calling for an
>object.  Especially when there may be several objects on any given form that
>may not be the current form where the code resides, say in a module.
>-Thanks, Dan
>-Haight & Associates, Inc.

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