[Gambas-devel] Auto Syntax Completion...

Dan Phillips dan at ...21...
Tue May 6 22:06:47 CEST 2003

Is there a way to turn on auto syntax completion?  Is this a non-implemented
feature at this point?  I'll tell you, it sure is nice in VB.

Ie.  frmMain.   "shows all objects, properties, and methods associated w/
frmMain at the time of hitting the dot at the end.

frmMain.txtField1.     "shows all properties and methods of the object
txtField1 on form frmMain at the time of hitting the dot.  Very nice feature
and invaluable to fast code writing to not make a typo while calling for an
object.  Especially when there may be several objects on any given form that
may not be the current form where the code resides, say in a module.
-Thanks, Dan
-Haight & Associates, Inc.

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