[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2139: Could html previewer split horizontal too?

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Fri Mar 19 02:38:41 CET 2021


Comment #8 by Bruce STEERS:

aah my position is humble though Ben.
i would not think to ask to depreciate HSplit and VSplit and make a whole new container, my thoughts veer more towards minor adjustments/enhancements to existing stuff.

you are right of course and i am taking in what you say.
I don't think i am as impetuous as i was when i first arrived here and have learned a lot.

for the most part i think i should probably put WIP on more of my merge requests as i rarely think i am submitting something that is ready to go and does not need your expert guidance. Or for that mater something that i think will even be in the correct place what with your much deeper understanding of the workings, but i guess a 1 in 20 hit to miss ratio is a start eh? :)

Well i have emulated the Load image button completely and submitted a merge.
Hopefully all is in order :)
Many thanks

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