[Gambas-bugtracker] Bug #2139: Could html previewer split horizontal too?

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Sat Mar 20 13:08:20 CET 2021


Comment #9 by Bruce STEERS:

I've noticed a slight problem while trying to get the mouse cursor to change from hsplit to vsplit.

If the mouse hovers over the border and changes to the <-> shape it does not reset normal cursor to normal on leave. (at least not in html previewer)

attached is a clip showing how if i move over the split line really fast it is okay but if too slow the cursor does not return to normal.

PS. clip is gambas master not my branch

PPS. I had no luck getting cursor image to change after setting Splitter.Arrangement, I think the view needs a complete redraw or something so cursor only changes between the panels.


Attachment: screenrecord-2021-03-20_11.59.44.mp4

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