[Gambas-user] How to Disable KeyPress events in some controls (gb.web.gui)

Benoit Minisini benoit.minisini at gambas-basic.org
Wed May 25 20:46:37 CEST 2022

Le 25/05/2022 à 19:57, Benoit Minisini a écrit :
> Le 25/05/2022 à 19:34, Safiur Rahman a écrit :
>> Hi Benoit
>> Thank you for the update. However,the Default and Cancel properties of
>> WebButton are not working on Pressing Enter and Escape. How can I
>> enable Default and Cancel properties of WebButton ?
> Of course... Now that keyboard events are sent only if needed, I have to 
> add the ENTER key and the ESCAPE key to the list of shortcuts when there 
> is a "default" or a "cancel" button. I will fix that.

Fixed in commit 

Benoît Minisini.

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