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Christof Thalhofer chrisml at deganius.de
Wed Jul 14 23:16:26 CEST 2021

Am 14.07.21 um 20:13 schrieb bb:

> I could not possibly agree more! With both posts!


> One teeny bit of pedantry.
> UnixODBC is a "framework" that switches between rdbms "drivers". There
> are lots of actual drivers, sometimes multiple drivers per rdbms
> (postgresql is a good example). There are also some "frameworks" other
> than UnixODBC around.

Yes, you're right. Thank you for the clarification.

Over time, I've seen people looking for ways to exchange databases but 
leave their own software that accesses the data through the database 
untouched. In my experience, as long as we're talking about a two-tier 
architecture, it's much better to think about the underlying RDBMS 
first, then decide, and then stick with the database instead of building 
your software around the idea that the database should be exchanged any 

If you are in an early state of the development switching to another db 
costs much less work at all, than programming around the bugs and 
caveats and performance issues, a middleware like ODBC brings into the 
project. Ok, this is my experience, maybe other people have others.

I have (felt) very rarely heard of projects where the databases were 
exchanged, but much more often of projects that had difficulties with 
the middleware. The middleware was actually there to make the software 
'independent' of databases. ODBC is such a thing. ORMs are such things. 
I have to admit that I like SQL and also an ORM, but only the one I 
wrote for myself. I wrote it because I didn't understand the other ORMs. ;-)

Perhaps my scope is too narrow, but I also think it is consistent with 
the current scope of Gambas. It may well be that the circumstances are 
different in a three-tier architecture, but I have too little idea about 

Hans' project is about teaching unexperienced people how they can talk 
with Gambas to databases, to store data there and to fetch data from 
there and to display and alter it in Gambas forms. In my opinion ODBC 
has no place there and would lead people into the wrong direction.

> If the rdbms is not CRUD (I forget the name for this) compliant,
> then stiff Cheddar honeybunch.

... now my brain spirals ... ;-)

Alles Gute

Christof Thalhofer

* Gambas itself gives us a way to work independently of the underlying 
RDBMS, look at the infobox here:


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