[Gambas-user] String array items filling ComboBox gives unexpected Click event with Index value of -1 and invalid Max property

Brian G brian at westwoodsvcs.com
Thu Jul 23 06:13:23 CEST 2020

Agreed, that's why everyone should have thier own email server like Zimbra. Full open source version
Brian Wednesday, 22 July 2020, 02:07PM -07:00 from Christof Thalhofer  chrisml at deganius.de :

>Am 22.07.20 um 21:48 schrieb Jussi Lahtinen:
> I just had a thought, maybe if we just renamed the file from
> "xyzzy.tar.gz" to ...
> It shouldn't be about .tar.gz as they most of the time arrive normally
> and I always use it. More likely the content included forbidden file
> type or something other that triggered the filter falsely.
>No one knows that except the admins at Google. It also seems that no one
>of us has a telephone number or an email address to talk with them and
>call their attention to the problem.
>In view of this, i have to say that this would not be a provider i
>wanted to entrust my mail traffic to. Of course i don't have such a
>provider. Here the mails arrive as they were sent. Of course also mails
>with viruses etc. But I can differentiate myself and much better than
>Basically i would always recommend providers who are specialized in mail
>and who earn money from it, like in germany posteo.de or mailbox.org.
>You pay 12 Euros per year, which is negligible considering the service
>they offer.
>Or one has an own domain at a reliable provider, which is also available
>for little money and has the unbeatable advantage that one can simply
>move the domain to the next one, if the provider screws up.
>Google is not really interested in email, a clear sign is their lack of
>support. Like Microsoft or Facebook they have an interest in attracting
>as many users as possible and then offering the service proprietarily in
>walled gardens. A free protocol only disturbs them and I suspect that
>they don't like the free protocol and want to get rid of it sooner or
>later. Fortunately, e-mail has survived for a long time now, but when
>there is a significantly high percentage of users on Gmail, the trap
>closes. At least that is my fear.
>In the meantime, they will work to incorporate features that are unique
>to them, disrupting the broad usability and compatibility. Then users
>will come and say: "This and that is much better solved here at Gmail"
>and attract all those who do not know or no longer remember what the
>corporations have already destroyed only because they want to become
>bigger, more powerful and richer.
>Alles Gute
>Christof Thalhofer
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