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martin p cristia tercoide at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 8 13:31:04 CEST 2020

It is a fact that very inteligent people have a bad calligraphy or have 
messed up desks :)

If you translate that into coding, you will find a lot of examples in 
all languages. I allways do research before

writing new code, to avoid inventing the wheel, and usually the better 
findings are not idented/commented at all.

So forcing identation would be an error, but we all must thank then 
auto-identation feature that makes everyone here

better programmers.

El 7/8/20 a las 7:12 AM, user-request at lists.gambas-basic.org escribió:
> Well, not exactly, of course. But as a matter of fact, cleanliness of
> the code is a presentation card as itself towards people reading that
> code. At least for me, that I'm not by far a skilled programmer, it is
> important. Skills should come along the way on top of good writing habits.
> We all agree that a well written/presented code is not synonym of a well
> thought out and good quality code, but it helps as a whole, IMHO.


Ing. Martin P Cristia

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