[Gambas-user] Gambas on Windows

Martin Cristia tercoide at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 24 12:55:23 CET 2020

>- The Gambas IDE runs perfectly, hasn't crashed yet.

No luck with mine on that.

>- Now came the tricky part: Copying a project from my main working
computer (Linux) to this one. Of course, one can easily copy it into
Users\Username... and this was what I did first. It worked well, because
C:\is mounted under /mnt/c automagically. But in Linux, everything is in
/home/user/..., and I wanted my project to be there. So I had to copy it
from there, and that was possible in a second step from within WSL.

  *   Be aware no to mess with the Linux filesystem from Windows (and vice-versa), this is a good read


>- The IDE loads the program, and the program runs flawlessly.

>- I still couldn't find a way to get access to our server's directory
for the data needed by this program. On Windows, there is a network
drive "Y:" which pretends to be a directory but is in fact a faked
network address to the Samba on the server. Creating a link within
Windows from this drive into a user directory doesn't help in Linux, as
for Linux this is just a file containing some data it cannot make use of.

No clue

>Once you have a clean procedure of all that, it will be cool to create a
page on the wiki: "How to install Gambas on Windows", "How to run a
Gambas program on Windows"...


Beno?t Minisini

Sure, boss!

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