[Gambas-user] Closing a Message!

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 00:23:46 CET 2020

> I just noticed there is already a popup menu "copy text" item and function
> set up in the message source.
> But nothing has mnuPopup set as its menu.
> It works but the shortcut key Ctrl+C does not.
> Could that be enabled Ben?

Ben, i just found using the Ctrl-C shortcut for the mnuPopup in
FMessage.form does work on QT but does not GTK.
This i think would address this problem if it worked on GTK.
The text may not be selectable but at least it will still copy to clipboard
on Ctrl+C press.

Also seeing the "default" button focused and pressing tab or left/right
arrow keys to focus another button displays the dotted border as you press
on QT so you can see what button is selected.
but on GTK the buttons show no different and you cannot tell what button
has focus.

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