[Gambas-user] Scrolling text in a textbox?

Gianluigi bagonergi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 13:58:56 CET 2019

Il giorno mer 27 nov 2019 alle ore 10:10 Bruce <adamnt42 at gmail.com> ha

> Is there a way or has anyone achieved a custom control that does the
> <marquee> ... blah blah blah ...</marquee> thing in a textbox?
> I never thought I would want one, but stange how life pans out.
> There is a constant, albeit sporadic, set of "updates" that affect one
> or more things that the user is "watching". So I thought maybe if we
> could scroll the last so many messages in a status bar type of thing.
> Yes, we are back in the online "auction" game again :-[
> At least this time it's a bit slower.
> Let's say for Christmas Day you are looking for a 2016 Langhorne Creek
> Shiraz. (In fact to qualify you need to be looking for 2 or 3 dozen.) We
> have about 8 wineries and around 80 outlets (retail, wholesale and
> cellar door) that provide that vintage. Also you are looking for one or
> two bottles of 2012 North Victorian Muscat, six or so bottles of
> something-or-other fizz and a bottle of sweet  sherry for Aunt Jane.
> The idea is you stick that order in and we do the "go searching".
> Originally I thought we could just come up with the "best fit/best
> value" answer. However it appears that
> a) this can take a bit of time.. up to about 10 minutes and
> b) if someone has got the Muscat on a two for one sale and another
> "sticky" is even better value then "best value" becomes a bit meaningless.
> (Sheesh! This was supposed to be a retirement hobby project! AKA someone
> said (and I cant quote the exact words for fear of being censored but it
> was along the lines of...) GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN AND GO DO SOMETHING!)
> Well, that worked.   I have spent the last three weeks demoing the very
> rudimentary prototype to more marketers and sales reps than I ever
> wished to meet in my life.  The trouble is not only do they like it,
> they have got lots of "wonderful suggestions". Sadly, most of their
> ideas involve web-sites promoting their product. Which is the antithesis
> of what we are trying to do.
> The original idea was based on your ordinary "wine club" sort of thing.
> We'd go and sign up a few bespoke wineries and they'd tell us what they
> were remaindering, i.e. the stuff they wanted to move so this years
> vintage could occupy the space released. We weren't going to "sell" it,
> we would just "list it". Any club member could log in and see who was
> trying to move what stuff.  No fancies, no bling.  They saw something
> they liked, click and get a phone number or email address to order some.
> No fee, no commission. Just that (ahem) I'd get a few bargains here and
> there. Well, that idea soon blew up!
> So now we have a relatively decent sort of client-server thingo going
> that about 60 people are using sporadically and a bunch of marketers who
> want to put videos with surround sound stereo on it. AAAAARRRGH! This is
> just exactly what I am trying to avoid!
> However the UI is crap. My fault.
> So.
> Instead of having to read the current stdout gibberish we print while
> searching through catalogues and websites for partial matches and
> possible goodies. Someone suggested that maybe we could do a slowly
> scrolling sort of marquee thing across the bottom. Most times it would
> say sort of "... still looking ..." and show some found items. OK I said
> (Well that was a long way to get to the point. Sorry folks!)
> But any ideas?
> tia
> bruce
> .................  >>>>>> Best buys are here!!!!!! ...... Sign up
> now!!!!! ..... (French horn concerto).....   <bold><purple> DO IT NOW!
> <flash>
> B: Joanne, get out of my emails!
> J: pppppppp!!!

I got lost in your speech, limited my answer to the title attaching a small

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