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Tue Nov 26 12:10:44 CET 2019

It could be a set character problem, with which operating system and/or
distro did you create the database, did the system use UTF-8?
See here:
I would advise you to export the data to csv and import them into a new
database with Gambas using Conv$.


Il giorno mar 26 nov 2019 alle ore 09:18 David Silverwood via User <
user at lists.gambas-basic.org> ha scritto:

> HI Gianluigi
> Lee's statement was directed at me using a textbox for dates. It actually
> works for me except when I try and retrieve a date from the SQLite
> database.
> I'm beginning to suspect that if I do not create the DB in Gambas then it
> is difficult to get it to work. My current database is ten years old and
> has 200k entries +. I originally created it in xbasic in 2008/2009 and even
> after using a datebox Gambas still doesn't read the date properly. However,
> if I create a new DB in Gambas and do all these things it works without a
> hitch.
> It doesn't make sense to me though since the date portion of the database
> in sqlite3 is still DATE and referred to as such in the DB. When I create
> the new DB using Gambas it just works, whether I load or retrieve, but when
> I go to my old DB then all the dates go awry. I'm definitely going to need
> some time to work through this.
> Thanks for that datadate source. It's helped a lot, AND also for helping
> me get the datebox back. Much appreciated.
> On Monday, November 25, 2019, 06:31:08 PM GMT+2, Gianluigi <
> bagonergi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Il giorno lun 25 nov 2019 alle ore 16:30 T Lee Davidson <
> t.lee.davidson at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> SQLite can store dates as one of three different types: text, real, or
> integer.
> https://www.sqlite.org/datatype3.html
> ___
> Lee
> I refer to Gambas not to SQLite.
> See what Benoit says about it:
> http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/doc/date
> See also:
> http://gambaswiki.org/wiki/doc/db-type-mapping
> Regards
> Gianluigi
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