[Gambas-user] Missing TableView documentation

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Mon May 13 12:04:37 CEST 2019

You're not wrong, Narelle! (Excuse aussie slang). Many times I am lost 
trying to remember the component that has a particular class (control 
for instance) in it.
I have an app that lets me browse all the native and local classes that 
are controls, i.e. inherit from control, userControl, container, 
userContainer etc (that etc is gunna getya!) At least that way I can 
find which component has a particular control.
But I dont have one for any class in any component or library. Maybe one 
day when I'm not busy (haha) I may get to it.

By way of explanation, not only the native gambas we have more than 
dozens of custom components and local libraries on our local dev 
machine. Some go back more than (some more than I'd like to recall) 
years. Some times you'll see messages from me with "I'm sure I have done 
this before?" in it.

Here's a perfect example. We very commonly have a situation where we 
have a gridview containing date based data. The normally displayed data 
may be "today's", "this weeks", "last weeks" etc etc etc. Now I am sure 
that somewhere in the last century I wrote a control that provided a 
filter "clause" for the data in the grid. I am damn sure that I did. 
However, the three of us are currently writing filter panels for a 
couple of dozen programs that analyze date based data. I wish I could 
find that component/class/project!

So for our stuff and the native stuff, it's getting difficult to find 
the "thing".

:-) Could be worse! Consider the poor python folks, how many libraries 
do they have to know off by heart!


On 13/5/19 5:40 pm, Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
> Ah ok, Bruce, I hadn't expected it to be there...
> Hm, some sort of search field, maybe even an intelligent one, might be 
> an interesting addition to the website.
> Regards
> Rolf
> Am 13.05.19 um 09:30 schrieb Bruce:
>> comp>gb.form>tableview
>> Works for me on the wiki and locally.
>> b
>> On 13/5/19 4:41 pm, Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
>>> Just tried to find TableView documentation on the website, but found 
>>> nothing. If searching directly in the help (F1), nothing as well.
>>> When I insert a TabelView and type something like TableView1. in the 
>>> editor, there are help texts available, so it is there.
>>> Was it just forgotten to be inserted in the index?
>>> Regards
>>> Rolf
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