[Gambas-user] Software Farm Categories and Tags

Cedron Dawg cedron at exede.net
Fri May 10 20:10:18 CEST 2019

Hi Benoit,

No, I'm not trying to replace the Farm, I'm trying to make it conveniently searchable.  Thus, I'm building a database for which a Gambas App can be written against for your desktop, and a web application can be developed for net access.

It'll also work for my projects, your projects, or anybody else's for that matter, not just Farm projects.  The subtags I just made up to achieve a finer degree of categorization.

This was motivated by my desire to be able to find good sample code for various components.  So, imagine this scenario:

Go to the Web app main menu.  Click on "Component List".  This takes you to a list of components.  Click on a component name.  This takes you to a Components detail page.  On that page is a list of all the projects that use that component, each with a check box.  Click the check boxes for the projects you want to see, then press the [List Examples] button.  This takes you to a page in which there is a section for each project you selected.  In each section there will be code snippets from that project in the neighborhood of each of the component's usage.  Click on a line next to the snippet and it will take you to a listing of the file.  If that is not sufficient, you now have the name of the project you can download to see the usage in full context.

Repeat the above scenario for each tag or subtag.  Of course, much more sophisticated searches can also be made:  "Show me all projects using components A,B, and C, with tags X,Y, or Z".

Yeah, I'll be parsing the source code for usages.  I will also be assuming a "_" line continuation character and a ":" statement separator character.

Currently each step in the process is launched by a button on my cradle form, but ultimately the scan and load processes will be command line driven.


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Le 10/05/2019 à 18:23, Cedron Dawg a écrit :
> Okay, so I was a little confused.  The tags are the categories and projects can be in more than one category, right?
> What a recipe for a mess.
> I believe a finer level of categorization is needed, so I am introducing "subtags" to my database.

There is no subtags. Tag are just tags, categories are tags. 
Consequently, a project can be in multiple categories, even in none.

I don't exactly understand want you want to achieve (I didn't have the 
time to read everything carefully), but if you want to replace the 
Gambas farm, I strongly suggest making a command-line tool with no GUI, 
so that the GUI can be developed on top. Don't make the same mistake 
than me.


Benoît Minisini

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