[Gambas-user] Proper Class Member Type Names

Cedron Dawg cedron at exede.net
Wed May 8 00:06:56 CEST 2019

Thanks again, Tobi.  I'll use that for the "wk_member_types" table.  Unless I have a bug, those other codes aren't in the info files.

Here is the database layout for the Wiki region of the DB I am working on (view with fixed pitch font):

--  wk_components    wk_creation_codes
--             1      0
--             |      |
--             M      M
--            wk_classes    wk_member_types 
--                    1      0        
--                    |      |
--                    M      M
--                   wk_members

This is what I got for the "wk_creation_codes" table:

Same question for creation codes:

A	7
C	810
CA	57
CO	7

My guesses:

A   Array
C   Creatable
CA  Creatable and Array
CO  Creatable and Object


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On Tue, 07 May 2019, Cedron Dawg wrote:
> From the class member data in the info files, there is a type parameter with the following codes:
> :   1001
> C   4616
> M   1926
> P   417
> R   776
> V   49
> m   6217
> p   3995
> r   2079
> v   609
> The numbers are the counts of occurrences I found.  I'd like to find or make a list of the correct names for each.

The bulk of these is found by reversing the C macros which generate the
structs from which the .info files are generated (cf. gambas.h). That's
not an obvious place to look at, but they do use the same letters:

  : | Event
  C | Const
  M | Static Sub (method)
  P | Static Property
  R | Static Property Read
  m | Sub (method)
  p | Property
  r | Property Read

You'll also find "M!" for a Fast Sub and possibly # is used for Enums?
I'm not sure if they are exported like that into .info files. What the
C components can't explain are V and v which are almost surely

  V | Static variable
  v | Varible

> "There are a thousand and one events in Gambas ...."

Very good :-)


"There's an old saying: Don't change anything... ever!" -- Mr. Monk

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