[Gambas-user] My incomplete Manjaro Install - Need expert help

Cedron Dawg cedron at exede.net
Tue Jun 18 18:41:19 CEST 2019

Thanks again.  There's always a learning curve, isn't there?

At this point, I'll go as far as agreeing that doing the updates "ought" to get me to the same place so it is worth trying.  I sure hope it works.

I did find the mirror stuff while researching the GLIB29 problem this morning. 

Do you advise against using the Add/Remove Software GUI vs the command line approach?

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Cedron, those dependency warnings occur all the time, just ignore them. They just mean that pacman is reordering its install list to take into account dependencies. 

Don't bother downloading 18.04, it likely will need updates anyway. Just update your current install. You'll wind up in the same place but the total download will be smaller. 

Manjaro is a rolling installation so its iso's are always out of date. You should do an update after a fresh install 
On 2019-06-18 10:17 a.m., Tony Morehen wrote: 

There is no problem here. When you asked pacman to install gambas, it found that your install needed to be updated and so started to do a full system update. System updates occur about once a month and are generally ~300mb in download size. However, a recent update exceeded 1gb, so I'm not surprised that your system needed a 1.2gb download. BTW, there a often smaller updates between system updates, usually for individual packages like Firefox, Chromium, Thunderbird etc 

I'd recommend updating your system before installing Gambas. 

Step 1(optional): Reset your mirrorlist so that the fastest download servers come first in the list. 

sudo pacman-mirrors 

This gives you a mirrorlist containing all manjaro mirrors, ordered by speed. You can limit that list to specific countries or region. 

pacman-mirrors --country-list 

sudo pacman-mirrors --country Germany,France,Austria 

Step 2: Run a system update. 

sudo pacman -Syyu 

If you skipped updating your mirrorlist, you can use: 

sudo pacman -Syu 

Step 3: Install Gambas 

sudo pacman -S gambas3 

Hope this helps. 

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