[Gambas-user] My incomplete Manjaro Install - Need expert help

Cedron Dawg cedron at exede.net
Tue Jun 18 17:42:51 CEST 2019

That helps a lot, and I will give it a go after midnight.

However, damn it, I just downloaded the latest image last night.  This shouldn't be necessary.  Looks bad on Manjaro.

I can only hope that it also fixes the "Warning: dependency cycle detected: ", which on a fresh install, to me, is somewhat inexcusable.

So, 1.2 Gig to refresh a 2.0 Gig download from the night before.  Fishy.  It would seem that I would be better off getting a new iso and starting from scratch.

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There is no problem here. When you asked pacman to install gambas, it found that your install needed to be updated and so started to do a full system update. System updates occur about once a month and are generally ~300mb in download size. However, a recent update exceeded 1gb, so I'm not surprised that your system needed a 1.2gb download. BTW, there a often smaller updates between system updates, usually for individual packages like Firefox, Chromium, Thunderbird etc 

I'd recommend updating your system before installing Gambas. 

Step 1(optional): Reset your mirrorlist so that the fastest download servers come first in the list. 

sudo pacman-mirrors 

This gives you a mirrorlist containing all manjaro mirrors, ordered by speed. You can limit that list to specific countries or region. 

pacman-mirrors --country-list 

sudo pacman-mirrors --country Germany,France,Austria 

Step 2: Run a system update. 

sudo pacman -Syyu 

If you skipped updating your mirrorlist, you can use: 

sudo pacman -Syu 

Step 3: Install Gambas 

sudo pacman -S gambas3 

Hope this helps. 

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