[Gambas-user] Unit Test status?

Yeshua Rodas yrodas at upnfm.edu.hn
Thu Jun 13 04:40:47 CEST 2019

Hello folks.

You'll see, I'm developing a component for Gambas and I'm not sure how to
test my code.
I found some threads about the `gb.test` component, but I realize that is
actually only in the homonym branch and has about a year without movement.
Also, there is `gb.deg.unittest` with similar inactivity time.

So, what's the best current way to do tests on Gambas?
My current approach is a console app that requires my project on
development and write calls and prints, but this is nothing elegant, so
please, give to me some guidelines.

E. Yeshua Rodas
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