[Gambas-user] Debugging Gambas (again)

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Personally, I always hated the awkward Microsoftean way to LOCATE things to PRINT. Two statements? Why?

Instead, always loved the british Sinclairean way, which uses:

PRINT AT <line>, <column>

Simple, elegant, shorter, it has it all... and even looks more VT100 oriented, where you put coordinate/color/etc. codes right before the payload. Same way to handle attributes (color, etc):

PRINT AT 3, 10; INK 7; PAPER 0; FLASH 1; INVERSE 0; BRIGHT 1; OVER 0;"Hello world."

Could go on with replacing the also Microsoftean LEFT$, RIGHT$ and MID$ abominations with the simpler and more readable Sinclairean syntax

VAR$(<startIndex> TO <endIndex>)

but enough nostalgia trip...



On Apr 27, 2019, 10:00, at 10:00, Cedron Dawg <cedron at exede.net> wrote:
>Hi K,
>I appreciate that.
>Had you said:  "Please note I don't think there is a problem with my
>code, I am looking for guidance on how to go about debugging Gambas."
>Instead of:
>"Please note I am not looking for anyone to tell me the problem with my
>code, I am looking for guidance on how to go about debugging a Gambas
>Then I wouldn't have had to fluster Jussi a little bit.  (BTW, Jussi, I
>wrote a comprehensive byte-code interpreter in 8086 assembly in Real
>Mode as a DOS 3.1 TSR that was used in production for several years,
>circa 1988)
>I don't like ncurses, it is a bloated mess, but it's been around a long
>time, so if that is the locus of the problem, I would suspect
>gb.ncurses first.
>I've attached an incomplete project which you might find useful.  It is
>part of a path towards a lightweight ncurses "equivalent".  The
>attached code is essentially the same as early BASICs:  It gives you a
>Locate statement for printing and provides an Inkey and Line Input for
>reading terminal input with VT100 escape sequences translated to
>character codes.
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>thankyou, that gives me a better understanding and lets me plan next 
>steps, which will be to grab latest sources and compile with the 
>"-DDEBUG_ME" to CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS, which I will not have done last
>@Ced: I am "interested in these advanced debugging techniques" and also
>because I've been through the
>Traditional source code level debugging, e.g. print statements, 
>breakpoints, and watch variables
> >>
>And found that it fails in a section of code that is called repeatedly 
>without issue until the segfault and by nature of the data that is
>passed around and changing the order it is entered I know it is not the
>data and on face of it not program code. The goal is to not only get
>code to run but also to establish why it is failing and if it is within
>Gambas internals or a component, to help identify and improve it, or in
>worst case have a "do not do this with Gambas".
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