[Gambas-user] Comment Blocks

Cedron Dawg cedron at exede.net
Wed Apr 24 17:58:22 CEST 2019

Hi Fernando,

Block comments are a bit different than block quotes with both intersecting the concept of line continuation characters.

I think the backtick is out as a candidate (see Rolf's comment).  I combined it with a single quote (apostrophe) in order to make intent clear and introduce directionality to the demarcation.  Having just single backticks would be fine with me as well, however, as mentioned, backticks aren't a good candidate.  There aren't any other really good single character candidates except for maybe the tilde.

I wouldn't restrict them to being in column one either.  That seems unnecessary.  Having an open and a close allows for embedded comments within a line as well, though I'm not a big user of embedded comments.

Yes, '`''' Is very cryptic indeed `'.  I was just trying to find the closest fit to the current demarcation which is ''' on every line.


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From: "nando f" <nando_f at nothingsimple.com>

Always a very good idea for block quotes.
unfortunately, the backtick is presented very and similar to it's friend '
'`'''  a bit cryptic?     `'

If I had my way, just the backtick only on position 1 would start or stop block quotes.
   PRINT "Hello"
I might have it highlight in yellow or something to show.


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