[Gambas-user] Landscape printing in PDF goes wrong

Rolf-Werner Eilert rwe-sse at osnanet.de
Tue Dec 18 16:56:38 CET 2018

In one of my programs which ran flawlessly under Suse Leap (KDE and Qt), 
I have a serious fault of printing functionality under my new Ubuntu Mate.

Instead of printing Landscape, it prints Portrait, but landscape-wise on 
the paper, i. e. upright. If I would print it, it would be ok, but the 
positions on the sheet are wrong. It looks like being measured for A5 
instead of A4.

This is Gambas 3.11.4. Have you changed anything in the printing part 
which would influence measuring positions etc.? Something during the few 
last versions; on the Suse system I had a bit older version.

Or is there something wrong here?

   drucker = New Printer As "drucker"

   drucker.Orientation = Printer.Landscape
   drucker.Paper = Printer.A4

   drucker.OutputFile = druckPlanDatei

   drucker.FullPage = True

   drucker.Print() ' -> drucker_Begin()

Thank you for any input!


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