[Gambas-user] capture gambas debug console events?

Fabien Bodard gambas.fr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 11:39:41 CET 2017

in desing module between  line 988 - 995

  If sProg Then
    $hProcess = Exec aExec With aEnv As "Process"
    '$hProcess = Exec aExec With aEnv For Input Output As "Process"
    $hProcess = FOutput.GetTerminal().Exec(aExec, aEnv)
    $hProcess.Term.Echo = True
    $hObserver = New Observer($hProcess, True) As "Process"

here you can add an observer again and scan the returned values.

2017-11-13 18:24 GMT+01:00 mikeB <mb at code-it.com>:
> eGreetings to the world of Gambas,
> I have a app, that I'm trying to develop, that shells out to "Steghide"
> among other things. The problem I need to resolve (if possible) is
> to capture any errors messages that occur during the "Strghide" process.
> I'm probably just dreaming that this may be done but...
> The Gambas debug console captures the errors - is there any way to code it
> so that the debug messages can be transferred/ captured then displayed in a
> label (or somewhere) on the main form of the project?
> As far as getting the error message from the terminal (shell to steghide")
> then showing on the main form - I find no way ;-(

There is many ways in fact. You need just to capture the

> Thanks for any/ all help to resolve (or not) this matter,
> mikeB
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Fabien Bodard

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