[Gambas-user] capture gambas debug console events?

mikeB mb at code-it.com
Mon Nov 13 18:24:55 CET 2017

eGreetings to the world of Gambas,
I have a app, that I'm trying to develop, that shells out to "Steghide" 
among other things. The problem I need to resolve (if possible) is
to capture any errors messages that occur during the "Strghide" process.

I'm probably just dreaming that this may be done but...
The Gambas debug console captures the errors - is there any way to code 
it so that the debug messages can be transferred/ captured then 
displayed in a label (or somewhere) on the main form of the project?
As far as getting the error message from the terminal (shell to 
steghide") then showing on the main form - I find no way ;-(

Thanks for any/ all help to resolve (or not) this matter,

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