[Gambas-user] New gb.web.form component

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Sat Nov 14 11:58:02 CET 2015

Le 14/11/2015 00:11, Moviga Technologies a écrit :
>> All controls and controls elements should have a specific CSS class
>> (whose name begins with "gw-") that will allow to customize their
>> apparence.
>> If there is a "style.css" file in the root folder of your project, it
>> will be automatically used by the gb.web.form component to generate the
>> web site stylesheet.
>> That way, you can customize the look of everything as you like.
>> As for widget themes, I will make one default, and let Gambas users
>> define the others!
> Yes, I understand this. I was just thinking it could be handy with a
> dropdown list with some extra styles besides the default one - kind of
> like with the editor styles.
> I found two bugs. See attached picture.
> If I put a timer and set Enabled to true and hit run, the page does not
> load.

First bug will be fixed.

As for the Timer: never use a running Timer inside a web application, 
because it activates the event loop, which runs once the Main function 
is terminated, and so the program never terminates. Unless you stop the 
timer yourself later.

Anyway, a Timer is not really useful in that context.

Benoît Minisini

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