[Gambas-user] 2-2.21.0: CheckBox_Click event raises twice on mouseclick, once on space bar

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Mon Jul 26 20:33:54 CEST 2010

> Benoît Minisini wrote:
> > Please provide your project, or make a little project that reproduces the
> > problem. And tell me if you use GTK+ or QT.
> http://old.nabble.com/file/p29269448/Test.tar.bz2 Test.tar.bz2
> I tried it with both GTK and QT and the problem only occurs in GTK. For the
> time being I'm going to switch my project to QT to avoid it. The attachment
> is just a single form with a single checkbox control and accurately
> reproduces the problem.
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Thanks. That's weird!

Benoît Minisini

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