[Gambas-user] BUG Install on mandriva

Benoît Minisini gambas at ...1...
Sun Jul 25 12:54:43 CEST 2010

> Benoît Minisini ha scritto:
> >>   Sorry, but the sources haven't got gb.qt4 but only gb.qt
> > 
> > Florent talks about compiling Gambas 2 from the *.tar.bz2 sources,
> > whereas Doriano talks about compiling Gambas 3 from the subversion
> > repository!
> Yes - sorry. I was so deep inside my problems that I made a wrong mental
> connection.
> > Be careful!
> > 
> > To Doriano: if you have a file instead of a symbolic link, then I think
> > this is a uncompatibility problem between your subversion client and the
> > sourceforge subversion server. How do you checkout?
> Hm - I did not use svn, I downloaded a tarball from surceforge. Here at
> home I can not connect to internet, so I downloaded a .tar.gz file and
> extracted it into my machine. The first time sourceforge gave me a file
> 400Mib long, the second time something else went wrong, it seems.
> Now, the single file that should be a link it's easy to correct. But, a
> line saying "link ../component.am" in the middle of a makefile is
> different: the makefile is generated by ./configure; where are the
> instructions that make configure think to do such a thing? Otherwise, I
> can give up for today, and try to download something else next week. I
> am reluctant to use svn because I must put my hands onto a production
> machine: it's not terrible, but at first, I decided not to do it: to
> download a tarball should be trivial.
> Regards,
> Doriano

I see: you must use a svn client to extract the sources. 

What you are downloading is an image of the subversion repository, which is 
the way the subversion server internally stores the data. Useful if you want 
to duplicate the repository, not useful if you want to compile the sources.

You can do the checkout, and then compress it into a *.tag.gz before bringing 
it home.


Benoît Minisini

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