[Gambas-user] BUG Install on mandriva

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Sat Jul 24 21:39:00 CEST 2010

  Thank you for answering.

I executed the following command in order to have the symbolici link:
ln -s  gb.qt/share/ gb.gtk/share.
No more success but I have an idea.
Actually as I saw that you put a new release I try to compile it.
And when I decompress the archive, I have 2 times this message :
tar:XXXX/gb.qt/share is a folder whereas a file was expected.
As it concerns the folder you were talking about, I imagine that it 
could help you.

I execute the make command on the 2.21 release and attach you the result.
Best regards

Le 24/07/2010 14:02, Benoît Minisini a écrit :
>>    Hy,
>> I'm really sorry, but I followed strictly the procedure described in the
>> install file.
>> So I now I consider the website here are some additionnal pieces of
>> information :
>> Mandriva 2010.0
>> Intel Centrino DUo
>> Kernel :
>> Trying to compile gambase 2.20
>> what is installed :
>> kdebase3-common for 2009.1
>> kdebase3
>> libkdecore4
>> libkdecore4-devel
>> here in attached file the different step of my compilation executed as
>> root on the main folder :
>> 1 # ./reconf-all>  1-recon-all_as_root.txt 2>&1 see in attached file
>> 2 # ./configure>  2-configure_as_root.txt 2>&1 see in attached file
>> 3 # make>  3-make_as_root.txt 2>&1 see in attached file
>> The error is at the end of the third file.
>> If you ask something more to me, please precise what you want because, I
>> think I followed the procedure, isn't it?
> Now yes. :-)
> You have an error message about a missing file that should be there. Do you
> have a symbolic link<SOURCEDIR>/gb.gtk/share that points at
> <SOURCEDIR>/gb.qt/share?<SOURCEDIR>  is the directory of the gambas sources
> you uncompressed...
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