[Gambas-user] "gbr3: no project filein '/usr/local/bin/gambas3.gambas'"

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Sat Jul 17 22:41:58 CEST 2010

true it worked for me too ...
should be on gambas web site for some time : Till users get over it !

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Subject: Re: [Gambas-user] "gbr3: no project filein'/usr/local/bin/gambas3.gambas'"> On 18/07/10 01:30, Doriano Blengino wrote:
>> Hi,
>> went to gambas.svn.sourceforge.net, hit the "Download GNU tarball", this
>> time it worked, put all on the usb stick and copied it to the home
>> machine. Updated libtool and autoconf/automake, and managed to compile.
>> A few file contained a single line "link ../blahblahblah" which gave
>> errors. I presume it's m4 stuff and I don't know why it didn't work,
>> anyway I corrected by hand and obtained a good compilation.
>> But when I try to launch gambas3.gambas I obtain "no project file ....".
>> The same happens if by hand I issue things like "gbr3
>> /usr/local/bin/gambas3.gambas" and so on. I tried to debug gbx3/gbr3,
>> but got lost.
>> There was a thread on this subject, but I can not see it right now. What
>> is the problem?
>> Regards,
>> Doriano
> The boss said we need qt4 webkit +devel. It worked for Matti.
> Werner
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