[Gambas-user] Gambas Apps Dependencies

werner 007 admin at ...1080...
Sun Aug 31 12:21:00 CEST 2008

Hello NxGTR

I have do some check with:
--- snipp ---
  DIM sF AS String 
  DIM msg AS String 
  sF = Temp$()
  SHELL "dpkg -s normalize-audio | grep -i 'status' 1> " & sF WAIT  (--> But
you can do that without using a external File)
  msg = file.Load(sF)
  IF Left(LCase(Trim(msg)), 6) <> "status" THEN 
    chkNormalize.Enabled = FALSE
    msg = "You dont have normalize-audio installed!"
--- snipp ---
It is not that good as it could, but works for my situation. 

My personally view about installing depended packages:
I think it is not *nix like to do that.  
When you check on start up, give the message that the package is missing and
the user has to install it by self, and disable the associated feature. 
Or but the check at beginning of use of the feature, so the user needs not
to re-open the app.

Regards Werner (007)

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