[Gambas-user] Q:how to save a file.png into Postgresql

Werner wdahn at ...1000...
Fri Aug 29 07:35:03 CEST 2008

richard terry wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Aug 2008 02:24:14 pm Stephen Bungay wrote:
>>    Just because something can be done one has to ask the question should
>> it be done?
> Thanks stephen for your reply.
> This is a mission-critical database - its an updated version of my medical 
> records program which I've used for 10 years, I'm re-writing for linux. 
> Mission-critical and medico-legal. 
> The files are only 2k each for simple sketches, larger of course when I get 
> around to saving photo's of skin lesions.  In my old program I did exactly as 
> you say - stored the name/path of the files, but in this one I want to (at 
> least attempt) to save the file into the database for back-up purposes. Daily 
> database backups are probably less likely to lose data than files exposed to 
> the native file-system with inadvertant deletion possible.
> I have looked at the bytea - I just cannot interpret how to use it, or to know 
> how to start in gambas.
> Regards
> Richard
Yet another unhelpful post :-(
If it is medical, why not go all the way and use DICOM? There are heaps 
of open source toolkits around.



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