[Gambas-user] Embed xfce4 panel into gambas application

Doriano Blengino doriano.blengino at ...1909...
Fri Aug 22 09:30:48 CEST 2008

Benoit Minisini ha scritto:
> On jeudi 21 août 2008, Doriano Blengino wrote:
>> M0E Lnx ha scritto:
>>> Attn Beniot... Please help
>>> Can you explain how to use the WM_CLASS string to embed an application
>>> using the embedder object?
>> I did not try this in gambas, but I read the docs. The Desktop.find()
>> method takes "regular expression" parameters, so if you search for a
>> window class, and you do not know the other strings, you should specify
>> them using a pattern:
>>   hPointer = Desktop.Find(".*", "Gpartedbin", ".*")
>> I am not sure if empty strings ("") work, so you should try with ".*"
>> which matches any string.
> Empty strings mean everything. And the regular expressions are Gambas regular 
> expressions, as the LIKE operator uses.
Thanks for clarification. Perhaps could be better to define them "shell 
patterns", as they resemble (or actually are) more similar to shell 
patterns than to regular expressions?

Just to help our friend, a pattern "partedbi" could match a string 
"Gpartedbin"? Or one should use "*partedbi*"?

Doriano Blengino

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