[Gambas-user] No tray icons displayed with gb.gtk

HARADA Kazutaka kazutaka802 at ...1907...
Sun Aug 17 05:14:46 CEST 2008

Benoit Minisini worte:
> Arg. Yes... Did you read the changelog? :-)
Hmm... Many canges.
> Which desktop do you use?
I'm using Gnome-2.22.3, showing notification area applet in standard panel.

I have tested with creating simple project like this,
- Create GTK+ graphical application with wizard
- Create TrayIcon1 in FMain form
- put code in FMain.class
   PUBLIC SUB Form_Open()
      PRINT TrayIcon1.Height
      PRINT TrayIcon1.Width

Then run it, and get following output on console.

I suppose TrayIcon1.Width should be 22.

Kazutaka HARADA
  e-mail:kazutaka802 at ...1907...

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