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Kari Laine klaine8 at ...626...
Sat Aug 16 19:58:27 CEST 2008

On Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 8:05 PM, Jason Hackney <jshackney at ...626...> wrote:

> I am a most humble user as well :-) I do appreciate the input from testing
> however, it can lead me in the right direction.
> This is how it breaks:
> 1) Uncomment the code block dealing with the baggage weight. It starts
> with:
> "PUBLIC SUB txtBaggageWeight_Change()"
> 2) Either compile or run from IDE.
> 3) On the form that appears, you can tab to the Baggage field or
> double-click it (select it somehow) and start typing a number (I haven't
> implemented much error-checking yet, so don't type an alpha character--that
> will make my application angry :)
> 4) Gaze in awe at "Stack Overflow".
> 5) Repeat until the euphoria wears off.
> I'd really like to know if this works on 2.5, but I have a feeling I'm the
> last one using 2.5 right now :)
> Like I mentioned before, the code for Baggage is essentially the same as
> the
> 9 fields above it on the form with the appropriate corrections for variable
> names.
> So, I think there may be a few problems:
> 1) Poor code/technique (I am trying to learn this thing after all), which
> has a very high probability.
> 2) Some bug in 2.5 that has been squashed by 2.7 (I think this is also very
> likely)
> 3) Gremlins.
> If it's meaningful, my setup is x86, kubuntu, and gb 2.5.
> I am trying to compile 2.7, but the kde, qt, and odbc libraries are giving
> me a headache. So I've suspended that plan for now.

Sorry to confirm that I get also "Stack overflow" with Gambas 2.7 x86 on
Suse 10.3.

Best Regards
Kari Laine

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