[Gambas-user] To Fabien (A Gambas odissey)

Doriano Blengino doriano.blengino at ...1909...
Thu Aug 14 10:30:13 CEST 2008

Fabien Bodard ha scritto:
> 2008/8/13 Doriano Blengino <doriano.blengino at ...1909...>:
>> Fabien Bodard ha scritto:
>>> is this can help you ?
>>> This a simple demo off event management via objerver object that catch
>>> the event before object.
>  ... :-) You are not listening me ... too closed in your mind ?
> look :
>   ' gambas class file
>   inherits ListBox
>   Private lstObserver as New observer(ME) as "ME"
Sorry Fabien, I really made a lot of mistakes. It's ironic that I made 
something very similar to your code, a few month ago, in order to test 
this kind of inheritance. Then I sended the source to Benoit, which 
commented "I should have used an Observer...".
But I used an observer... This is the same case. You sended to me a 
working example, and I did not notice.
You can see the source, if you want.
Now that I test it again, it does something strange. It should print in 
the TextArea "\nClass - enter Try me\nForm Enter Try me", showing that 
an event traverses first its class, then its parent.
Running the program, it only shows the "\nForm Enter Try me", but 
stepping the source it correctly passes through the two cascading event 
handlers. It seems that there are two different FMain.taMessages. Surely 
my fault...

> I think you need to learn Object Oriented Language ... delphi like vb
> is a pseudo OO language.
> Then learn Gambas better...
I sure need to learn. But can you explain to me why delphi is "pseudo OO"?

> And for information ... Benoit Minisini know the gambas language
> better than all of us ..; because he is the creator of it ! So ...
> listen before repeat the same wrong cristisime (sorry for my english
I feel the need to ask to be forgiven again, because I wrote a lot of 
wrong things (and some truth).
It was not criticism, anyway - I told you. I tried to explain what, in 
my opinion, could have been better for gambas. Then I got totally 
confused about things I already knew... may be I am getting too old...
Anyway, it has been a useful discussion, at least for me... kind of 
concurrent documentation... :-)

Cheers to everybody,
Doriano Blengino.

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