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Wed Aug 13 18:15:46 CEST 2008

2008/8/13 Doriano Blengino <doriano.blengino at ...1909...>:
> Fabien Bodard ha scritto:
>> is this can help you ?
>> This a simple demo off event management via objerver object that catch
>> the event before object.
> Ok, it works. But, as you can see in my previous message and the
> attached source, it was not that my problem. In fact, I already did the
> same in MyDirView (I suppose this is the only way to enrich events).
> I have several problems with gambas but, nevertheless, I like it. As far
> as I have seen until now, it is the only functioning true RAD tool in
> linux, and it has several nice things in it. For example, the settings[]
> class is amusing, and there are many other good things. Unfortunately it
> is still in development, so some features are missing or buggy, like the
> GTK system; but this is only question of time. Documentation is
> hermetic sometimes, but it can grow and improve.
> The only real problem comes from the inheritance from visual basic, I
> suppose, which, as many other micro$oft products, is tailored to suit a
> market, and not to do things the right way. This is very dangerous,
> because a similar product invades the market, cutting away other,
> perhaps better, competitors. Then it shapes the mind of the users
> (programmers), so the general culture is polluted too.
> In this respect, it is a point of distinction that Gambas claims to be
> "not a clone of visual basic" and, in fact, it is not a clone. But... I
> could be wrong, I don't know visual basic enough, perhaps it should be
> better I didn't talk... well, I think event management is wrong. I
> suppose this is an inheritance from visual basic, like several others.
> Many of them could be good and, if you don't like them, simply you can
> avoid them. But others cannot be avoided, and event management is one of
> them. I am afraid to see gambas collapse because of a inherent flaw. In
> this very case, I have simply the problem that DirView does not raise
> the KeyPress event. The first thing you replied to me was "you can
> rewrite it". Multiply this reply for every control a user wants to use,
> but also wants to improve, and see where all we will go.
> To be sure, I just made a test with delphi. I derived a TMyListBox from
> TListBox, and overrided the KeyPress event:
>  TMyListbox = class(TListBox)
>    procedure keypress(var key: char); override;
>  end;
>  procedure TMyListBox.keypress(var key: char);
>  begin
>    if key=#13 then begin
>      addItem('A item', NIL);
>      exit;
>    end;
>    inherited keypress(key);
>  end;
> This code snippet creates a widget class, TMyListBox, which is a ListBox
> that adds an item to the list if the user presses enter (key #13). All
> the rest is untouched, all the events (Click, DoubleClick, Resize, and
> so on) function like before. Don't pay too much attention to the
> verbosity of pascal: it comes from the fact that pascal does not require
> to have a different file for every different class you want to declare,
> so every declaration (the keypress procedure, for example) has to be
> associated to its class. In gambas this example could be something like:
>  ' gambas class file
>  inherits ListBox
>  public sub ME_KeyPress()
>    if key.code=key.enter then
>      me.add("A item")
>      return
>    endif
>    inherited KeyPress   ' or "Raise KeyPress", or whatever...
>  end

 ... :-) You are not listening me ... too closed in your mind ?

look :

  ' gambas class file
  inherits ListBox
  Private lstObserver as New observer(ME) as "ME"

  public sub ME_KeyPress()
    if key.code=key.enter then
      me.add("A item")
    'not needed >inherited KeyPress   ' or "Raise KeyPress", or
whatever... in fact this happen before the handler event so by default
event is raised
    'But you steel can stop it by STOP EVENT keyword :)

> This is the crucial point. In gambas this is not possible. I wanted to
> derive MyDirView from DirView and only add a couple of things, all the
> rest was pretty ok. But I was left with two options:
>    1 - inherit from DirView, and replicate all its events with a
> different name
>    2 - inherit from TreeView, rewrite all the file related stuff, and
> replicate all its events with different names
> I chose the second option, because I wanted to modify several things,
> but the real problem is events. If they were transparently raised,
> unless overridden, the circle would be complete. It would be a quick and
> trivial job to create personalized controls to suite every need.
> I know what happended to DirView. The programmer created it from
> TreeView, and thinked nobody was interested in KeyPress, Expand, and
> other events from TreeView. On the other hand, implement them would have
> required writing them one by one, with a different name; certainly this
> was not appealing...
> Dear Fabien,
> I am sorry to write this kind of flaming: someone could interpret it as
> a complaint. But I think this is an important point to make gambas a
> much better than it is now. I don't know if Benoit would read this
> message thread, and I know, as said before, that perhaps gambas is too
> developed to make this kind of modification. But I would pray the gambas
> developers to pay attention, and then decide. If I am wrong, I am sorry.
> I will never raise this argument again.
> Good day to everybody, and long life to Gambas.
I think you need to learn Object Oriented Language ... delphi like vb
is a pseudo OO language.
Then learn Gambas better...

And for information ... Benoit Minisini know the gambas language
better than all of us ..; because he is the creator of it ! So ...
listen before repeat the same wrong cristisime (sorry for my english
and my not technical language ..; but i'm just a poor french

Fabien Bodard

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